About me

Hello, I’m Helen Smith and I’m a qualified Foot Health Practitioner. I provide a mobile foot care service in and around Andover, Hampshire.

I am a member of the Register for Foot Health Practitioners (MRFHP) and hold a Stonebridge Associated Colleges Diploma (SAC Dip FHPT / FHPP).

As a Foot Health Practitioner I care for your feet and deal with all types of foot pain and discomfort, including corns, calluses, fungal infection, thickened nails, cracked heels and athlete’s foot.

Not all my patients need treatment to their feet, some simply struggle to reach their toes and enjoy a pamper whilst I cut their nails.

I also look after people with diabetes. Good foot care can help you prevent conditions that may cause long term problems. Skin changes, hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, nerve damage and changes in size and shape of toes and feet. You need to be careful and I’m here to make you aware of potential dangers and how to prevent harm.

I’m professionally insured and bound by a Code of Ethics. I provide a highly professional service where hygiene, safety, confidentiality and your comfort are important.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss my mobile foot care service further.